TCTC Ride Schedule

Below is a list of current scheduled rides. If you are a member and wish to submit a ride for the club or make changes to an existing listed ride please email the details to the scheduling team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Root Beer Float Ride

Saturday August 25th, 2018

Hosts: Helmut and Joan Porcher

On Saturday, August 25th, Joan and Helmut Porcher will host a ride in the Lake Elmo, Grant Township and Stillwater areas using the Gateway and Brown's Creek State Trails and some county roads. Estimated distance is about 33 miles with shorter and longer options. Briefing at 8:30 am and ride starts at 8:45 am from their home at 4990 Jasper Ave N, Lake Elmo, MN. Refreshments (the ride's name sake) will be available at a yet to be chosen location on the route.

Contact Joan and Helmut Porcher by Friday (8/24) evening at 651-779-8248 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you e-mail or leave us a voice mail message please give us your phone number so we can contact you if the ride needs to be cancelled.

For more information about the Gateway Trail go to:

Rain date: Sunday, August 26th, same time and location.


Loons Rally in Walker Minnesota

September 7 & 8, 2018

A Loons Rally in Walker Minnesota is being planned for Friday September 7, and Saturday September 8, 2018. Folks that are interested in attending should act now to make their hotel reservations.

A Loons Rally in Walker Minnesota is doable if people act now to make their hotel reservations. Here is what members need to do right now:

1. Go to and set up reservations at the Walker Hotel in Walker MN on Friday September 7, and Saturday September 8, 2018. This should be a direct link to that location on the web, but be certain to re-check the dates: Choose the Walker Hotel

The cost should be $106/night. There is free cancellation, but it must be done by 11:59 PM on September 5.

If they run out of these $106/night rooms, members could opt for more expensive rooms. Of they could go to the Country Inn about two miles away. They had two rooms at $120, and then it went up from there.

2. I need to know how many are attending the event, as well as how many plan to attend the banquet. So, I need people to send me an email message with that information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It's pretty tough to set up a banquet if I don't know how many people will likely be there.


CAMPING: When I think of camping, I think of tent camping. It has been our experience that arranging tent camping for groups in this area is both difficult and expensive. Here is a link to the campgrounds in the area provided by the chamber of commerce: 


Friday September 7, late afternoon ride: Traditionally, the Loons Rally has had an afternoon ride on Friday. This ride will begin at the Walker Hotel at 3:00 PM. The ride will go out and back on the Heartland Trail to Akeley about 12 miles away (24 round trip). The route is very flat, and most of the route goes through the woods. A very nice ride!

Option B: We have a second idea for the Friday night ride. If we choose to do Option B, it will also leave from the Walker Hotel at 3:00 PM.

Friday Night Supper: Benson's Eating and Drinking Emporium about four blocks from the hotel: . It's a fun place with a great reasonably priced menu, and a glass table built above a large canoe. 

Saturday September 8 ride: The base course is 38 remarkably easy  round trip miles from Akeley to Park Rapids and back. It's flat! It's mostly in the woods! Every time we do this route we can't figure out how it can be just as easy to go one way as the other, even with a wind.

The route can be shorted to twenty-five miles by starting at Nevis. Shorted to fifteen miles by starting at Dorset. Elongated to fifty-six miles by starting at Walker. AKELEY, Dorset, and Nevis are all interesting (well spaced on the trail) small towns. Weather permitting, this is going to be a great ride!

We discovered that Park Rapids is a really nice destination with lots of interesting shops, and a great restaurant that is well suited to our needs. 

Saturday Night Banquet: We are uncertain of the location for the banquet at this time. It's a matter of choosing between three different places. We will have a banquet, complete with the grand prize drawing. No advance money necessary. It will be off the menu ordering (we think).

Sunday September 9 ride: We check out of the hotel and move by car toward the Twin Cities, stopping at Nisswa. The route for the day is an out and back scenic twelve mile route between Nisswa and Pequot Lakes. Nisswa is a very nice little tourist town with two distinctive features. It has a pizza restaurant that is consistently rated as having the best Pizza in Minnesota. Another place of business is consistently rated as having the best ice cream in Minnesota. And guess what! They are the same great pizza and ice cream shops we have enjoyed every year when the Loons Rally has been held in Cross Lake! So, if you want Nisswa to be a fresh experience for you on Sunday, don't stop there on your way up to Walker.

The ride to Pequot Lakes and back is flat, and more out in the open. Pequot Lakes has a landmark feature that the riders won’t want to miss.

We will provide you with another update later on.

John and Helen Mattsen

Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Stillwater to Scandia Scamper

Sunday September 16th, 2018

Hosts: Matt Tillotson and Deb Liang


Chili Ride, Woodbury, MN

Sunday September 30th, 2018

Hosts: Rachel & Chris Gilchrist, Lynn Pagliarini & Ralph Hapness