August 31 thru September 3rd 2018
Grand Rapids, Michigan

MTR 2018 will be hosted by the MUTS in the fabulous city of Grand Rapids, Michigan! This is the 43rd MTR and the 6th time the MUTS will be hosting this spectacular event. We hope you will join us for fantastic rides, fellowship and fun with fellow tandem enthusiasts, however if single cycling is your thing consider yourself invited also.

The jersey theme will be featuring the city of Grand Rapids' iconic symbol locally called "The Calder". The public sculpture officially named La Grande Vitesse was created by American artist Alexander Calder. The title is French for "the great swiftness." It is found on a large concrete plaza surrounding the City Hall and Kent County Building. It was the first public artwork funded by the National Endowment for the Arts when it was installed in 1969. The sculpture is a popular gathering place for residents and visitors alike and is the centerpiece of the city's Festival of the Arts held the first weekend of June.

We look forward to you joining us for GREAT riding, fellowship, and FUN!!!
All routes take riders through West Michigan’s finest city, township, and county parks.​

Details and registration are on our website http://www.mtr2018.org

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Your hosts - The Michigan United Tandem Society https://www.muts.club/
Midwest Tandem Rally 2018

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