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The Twin Cities Tandem Club is a group of tandem enthusiasts from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area. We get together once or twice a month from May until November to ride tandem bicycles. We like to ride tandems for many reasons. We are a social or touring club, as opposed to a racing club. While many of our members do ride fast, the main purpose of our rides is to enjoy each other's company, and a "bite to eat" at the food stops.

I am sure if you were to ask the club members why they like to ride a tandem, you would receive many different answers. The following list is not all inclusive, but it does reflect what I have heard various people say over the years:

  • Riding a tandem is a shared experience, and we enjoy the sense of team work that it brings.
  • Riding a tandem allows two partners of unequal strength to ride together.
  • Tandems have some aerodynamic advantages. While you have the effort of two people, the frontal profile is only that of a single person. So usually, a team's speed on a tandem is slightly faster than their average speed on individual bikes.

All of these reasons are in addition to the usual benefits of bicycling -- exercise, fresh air, and just plain fun.

Even if you are just considering a tandem bicycle or interested in tandems, you are welcome at our rides.


To all the Loons

All club rides are still on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are monitoring and assessing the situation monthly and will resume club sanctioned rides when it is more logistically feasible and socially responsible to do so.

Please continue to stay healthy, stay active, stay safe, get out and enjoy some bike riding with your immediate household or others that you are comfortable riding with."


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