For Sale - Burley Duet Tandem

This is a Burley Duet Tandem. A good, solid bike from a legend in tandem manufacturing. I'm guessing this one is a 1980s vintage. It has scratches, but you can tell it has not been used much. This bike has 6 gears in back, with index shifting, and 3 in front. It has "V" style rim brakes, as well as a rear drum brake to help slow the bike when going down hills, which really helps save your rim brakes. It has 27" road wheels and the tires are in good shape. The bike rides smoothly shifts smoothly and brakes as it should. The bike is a large-medium frame.

I'm 6'3" and the front seat fits me fine, the back seat would be perfect for someone in the 5'4"-5'7" range. When I got the bike, both seat posts were seized, and could not be adjusted. I drilled out the front seat post and installed a new one, cut to my specific height. The front seat could be lowered by cutting more off the bottom of the front seat post.

I paid $400 for the bike about 2 months ago as I was looking for a bike to try to ride with my girlfriend to see if she would enjoy tandem biking. I didn't want to spend $2,000+ on a new tandem, only to find out she didn't like riding. Since getting this bike, I've found one that we both enjoy, and now this one is extra. If you are looking for a bike to try tandem biking, this is a great choice. Nothing pretty, but a good, solid bike.

Cash only, Delivery in the metro is available for a negotiated fee. Feel free to text with questions.

John Mesko

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