TCTC Annual Meeting Minutes for 2019

Meeting held Friday, April 12th at 6:30pm
Bloomington REI store (meeting room)
750 West American Blvd, Bloomington, MN 55420


The meeting started with an introductions of the TCTC board:

• Jean Hurlbert as Head Loon (President)
• Mark Seaburg as Loonie at Large
• Lyle Quimby as Loud Loon (Web Master)
• Deb Liang as Golden Nest (Treasurer, Newsletter)
• Matt Tillotson as The Quill (Secretary)

We then had self introductions of the 32 people in attendance.

John Mattsen made a motion to re-elect all board members, this motion was seconded by Jill Apple. The vote was unanimously carried.

In future newsletters we will be publishing job descriptions for each board position, so anyone interested in claiming a position can know exactly what that job entails – its not as much work as you think.

Next up was our financial report. We started 2018 with $2,544.80 and ended the year with $1,429.10. We did take in less money than we spent last year, but we had several expenditures that are not recurring. We are not renewing our Ride with GPS, we paid for two years of website hosting at $204.88 per year, and insurance costs will be more this year than they were last year by $100, from $359.10 to $462.50.

Next we talked rides. At Jean’s prompting we were asked to describe what goes into hosting a ride. The Kingsleys described their Apple Valley ride of 30 miles, the Porchers described their RootBeer Float Ride, Matt Tillotson described the Stillwater Scamper, Linda Sandell talked about their RealLife Ride, and the Mattsens talked about their Longfellow Ride. We also talked about giving club members a way of knowing when other non-club rides were going on, so members could maybe meet up at those rides.

The city of Albertville is having a celebration to mark their centennial on September 21st. They approached the club to see if we had members interested in doing a tandem ride in period kit. Not generally our thing, but if club members are interested in doing a regular TCTC ride on September 21st, send a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If enough people are interested we will see what we can arrange.

Ride ideas outside the metro area: Root River- Houston to Fountain, Old Abe Trail, Cannon River, Sparta Elroy. Stay tuned for suggested dates and locations.

MTR 2019 is in Columbus Indiana this year. At least 6 TCTC teams will be attending. Again, we should think if TCTC is capable of hosting an MTR. Our “turn” is coming up, but it does require quite a bit of effort and commitment.

The Loons Rally update: Nothing. Currently we do not have a date, nor a location. Lodging is our biggest challenge, as most of the locations where biking would be the best, are booked well in advance and we would have to plan more than a year ahead So we might be planning the Loons Rally 2020 this year. But ideas are still being explored for this season as well. Just, nothing as yet.

We have a new club team, Steve & Kayla, who also has opened a tandem bike shop ( They currently have over 10 tandems in stock, Santana, CoMotion, KHS, DaVinci.

Meeting was adjourned and socializing commenced.