TCTC Annual Meeting Minutes for 2018

Wells Fargo Plaza, 7900 Xerxes Avenue S, Bloomington, MN 55431
Located off I-494 via France or Penn Avenues, 2nd floor training center

The LOONS annual meeting was held on April 20th, at Wells Fargo again. There were less in attendance than last year, with just 26 club members and nobody new. As we all knew each other, introductions were skipped and we dove straight into the meeting.

The agenda was:
• Election of Officers
• Financial Report
• Ride Schedule
• Loons Rally
• Ride with GPS
• Website Report

The current officers were introduced:
• Jean Hurlbert as Head Loon (President)
• Mark Seaburg as Loon at Large (Vice President)
• Deb Liang as Golden Egg (Treasurer)
• Matt Tillotson as The Quill (Scribe)
• Lyle Quimby as Web Loon (Webmaster)

John Mattsen made a motion to reelect all officers. Dave Sieving seconded the motion and it carried unanimously. We did have short talk about passing the torch to new board members. To assist in that we will add a piece to future newsletters highlighting the duties of a board member to let others know what is involved so any club member can ruminate on doing one of these fun jobs.

Next up was the financial report. Once again, we took in less than we spent, by about half. Annual fees for the club include LAB membership ($75), club insurance ($360), website fees ($130), Postage for newsletters ($45), and printing costs ($40). The current club balance is $2,394.60. With current membership numbers, and current expenditures, club dues would have to be around $20 to be sustainable. Dave Sieving made a motion to raise dues to $20, Rob Walsh seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously. John Mattsen also suggested we work with local outdoors organizations, like WCCO outdoors, to help drum up new members. We will entertain suggestions on how do to this.

We currently have nothing planned for a LOONS Rally, and due to timing issues, it looks like if we do have one it will have to be after August sometime in the fall. John
Mattsen is looking at possibly Walker, Minnesota. (Post meeting note: we do have a rally planned now!)

This year’s MTR will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as always over Labor Day.

With our current club membership and activity level, we are not sure if we can host MTR in the future, but there may be some expectation that the LOONS host MTR in the next couple years. Just something to think about as a club. If anyone would be willing to help out, it is a ton of fun, but also, yes, it involves some work.

Due to a tack of interest, we are going to drop the club Ride with GPS account. Our club account is active until September, so if anyone is interested in taking advantage of this for online routing and cue sheets, just contact Mark Seaburg for access - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For updated club info, you can check out our newly updated website:

Lyle Quimby has done a fantastic job of moving our old website onto a brand-new platform! Also if anyone wants to sell a tandem, direct them to either the website or to
our FaceBook page:

Life hack… Did you know a micro-fiber duster, with the handle cut off and jammed into a power drill can work as a great bike cleaning tool? Well now you do, and you can thank John Mattsen for that knowledge.