TCTC Annual Meeting Minutes for 2017

Wells Fargo Plaza, 7900 Xerxes Avenue S, Bloomington, MN 55431
Located off I-494 via France or Penn Avenues, 2nd floor training center


The LOONS annual meeting was kicked off with introductions for the 40 attendees. We were at a different location this year – Wells Fargo Plaza, compliments of Jean! That did mean no shopping before or after the meeting, but we made up for that with socializing.

The agenda was Election of Officers; Financial Report; Ride Schedule; Jersey Design; Website Hosting; MTR; Loons Rally.

  • Officers - the current officers were introduced:
  • Jean Hurlbert as Head Loon (President)
  • Mark Seaburg as Loon at Large (Vice President)
  • Deb Liang as Golden Egg (Treasurer)
  • Matt Tillotson as The Quill (Scribe)

John Mattsen made a motion to reelect all officers. Mike Johnson seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

We could use a social media coordinator, someone who would like to take on the task of posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc… Any volunteers?

The financial report was next. For the second year in a row we took in less than we spent. We started the year with $3,532.01 and we ended the year with $2,788.31. While not critical, this is something to watch in the future. The more teams that switch to digital copies of the newsletter will help save some cost, as printing and mailing the newsletter is one of our larger expenses. Insurance and LAB membership is the biggest cost we have. In reading the insurance rules, we did find that we can save some money this coming year due to not needing additional insurance for the LOONS rally.

The club also has a club account with “Ride With GPS”, a mapping, route tracking website. If anyone would like to utilize this, contact Mark Seaburg for access - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rides: Last year we had 10 rides that actually took place, two that were canceled due to weather. This year we are planning on including “Rides of Interest”, rides that are not specific TCTC rides, but hosted by other clubs and may be of interest to TCTC members. This includes PIGS rally, COWs Rally, MTR, and some other local club rides. There is a Door County, WI century ride that a couple club teams will be attending. Let us know if there is a ride you are doing that you think members would be
interested in and we will put a link to it as a ROI!

LOONS Rally: The date is set for August 4th – 6th and we are exploring holding it in the Mankato area. Cross Lake was just completely unavailable for us this year, but there are some good rides in the Mankato area, so this should be fun weekend. Scoping of ride options is ongoing - if you have ideas or are willing to make a scoping run to Mankato to check options out, let Mark know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Club Jersey: Jean has been working on a design. Options abound, but she is working with a professional designer to make it something we should all love. Look for image
examples up on the website in the near future. We will also post on Facebook about them when we are farther along on the design path. Manufacturing options are also being explored, Podium Wear, a local company, is one option offered up at the meeting. We will be contacting them and other companies for pricing and sizing options.

We closed by talking more about ride options, including the fact that there will not be an Airport Extravaganza Ride this year because the air-show at the Anoka County
Airport is not being held this year and all routes are either under water, or under construction, or not bike friendly.

John Mattsen then made a motion to dismiss the meeting, seconded by Mark Seaburg, unanimous vote and the meeting adjourned.