Ride Leader Resources

Basic Rules when Hosting a Club ride

  1. All participants must sign the waiver before each ride.
  2. Non-members can do one ride and are required to sign a waiver.
  3. Participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by an adult.
  4. Bicycle riders, like drivers of motor vehicles, must obey all traffic laws.
  5. All riders are required to properly wear an approved helmet while riding on any TCTC ride.
  6. Personal listening devices (MP3 players, I-Pods, earbuds, headphones, etc.) are not allowed on TCTC rides.
  7. The use of cell phones is prohibited while riding.
  8. On night rides every bicycle must be equipped with a proper operating headlight and taillight.
  9. Small children who are not riding a bike must be in a child seat affixed to the bike, on a tag-a-long or in an attached bike trailer.

The required waiver documents are attached below.

Multi-line Ride Waiver

Single participant form/waiver is to be used for Individual Adults or for Adults on behalf of Minors

American Specialty Insurance has this checklist as a resource for rides with COVID-19 still an issue: https://americanspecialty.com/lab/covid-19-return-to-ride-cycling-checklist.pdf

Information on LAB Insurance

LAB Insurance Brochure

In case there is an incident it will need to be reported and the forms and instructions are on the link below.

LAB incident Report and Instructions


TCTC Member Benefit:

LAB Insurance Among the many benefits that come with TCTC membership, possibly the most significant is our League of American Bicyclists (LAB) Insurance administered through American Specialty Insurance Services (AmerSpec). It consists of Liability and Medical coverage plus an Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy.

All coverage's apply only on TCTC Club bike rides. TCTC pays the yearly premium for these insurances as a member benefit for all current paid-up members.

To benefit from our LAB Insurance coverage, you must: be a currently paid-up member at the time of the accident; have signed a yearly waiver; Signed the multi-line waiver before the start of the ride and work with the ride leader of that ride to file an accident report with AmerSpec as soon as possible after the ride.

League of American Bicyclists Insurance Program

American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc. is pleased to offer League affiliated organizations the opportunity to purchase, request and retrieve certificates of insurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via this website. In addition, we have included other useful tools relating to policy information, claims handling and risk management.